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Content Writing

Content Writing is vital for your online success. Recent changes by Google to their algorithms (ways how Google evaluates a website) are great proof of that. “Content is KING” is the phrase that all online marketers live by these days.

So why should you want firms like us write it for you? Why not sit and spend few days writing it yourself?

This is a good question that we’ve heard from clients from time to time. The answer is simple — we write website content that is search engine optimized. We know how to structure it to be most effective for Google to read and evaluate. This aspect is where we come in. We know what important keywords and phrases we need to include in the content, how many to include and where to include them for the best results. Moreover, we add technical marketing signals into the website content writing that play a huge role in making it easier for a person who wants to contact your business.

Content Writing

Let’s talk a bit about why website content writing is vital to your business. When Google started, Search Engine Optimization was mostly about how many back links your website had. Don’t get us wrong, back links are one of the most important factors still to this day. However, based on recent Google updates, the content plays a much bigger role now than it did before. Think to yourself — the main goal of search engines is to show its customers (people or searchers) the most relevant and the most valuable websites. Back links are important, but they don’t prove if the website has quality content that a person is looking for.

Most valuable signals to evaluate your website is to measure how other people like it. Providing good quality content is important, because people spend more time reading it on your website, which improves your “Bounce Rate” (Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance or landing page) and says to search engines that the content is valuable to show on the first page.

Website content can also be a huge help for sales when it is written with the best marketing practices in mind. Integrating marketing “Call to Action” elements not only can bring you more money, but can also take your business to the next level. It is very important to have not just any content, but smart, expertly-crafted content.

Website Content with the right structure improves your website’s visibility in search engines and increases it’s traffic.

Seopia has great website content writers with different levels and “salaries”. We always work hard to find the most cost-effective writer that can suit all of our customer’s needs. We know the most high quality, premium writers that can write content for web pages like ‘privacy policy’, ‘terms and conditions’ or your ‘ home page’, and we also have less quality writers that can save money on content by being used for less important website pages that mostly play a role in your website ranking and not for users to read. It all comes down to knowing who to work with and when to work with them — something we’ve learned after years of experience.

You can get a free of charge quote for your website.


[well anim=”fadeInUp” class=”testimonial-section” ][tblock title=”CLIENT TESTIMONIALS”/][testimonialgroup ][testimonial title=”Maria S.” position=”Owner” company=”CosmoEnergy” photo=”http://www.seopiawebdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/yelp-logo.png”]I was hesitant about buying content writing until I found some articles that explain how content writing is crucial for websites. I’m SO glad I found Seopia for content writing, because I previously had some bad experiences with outsources. At first, I tried to find cheap content writing online, but the people I found on Craigslist for content writing gave me really poorly written content full of grammar and weird phrasing and just really uninviting text. So I gave up, but fast forward a few months and after telling my friend about my experience, she told me she knew of a good content writing company. After trying out Seopia, I’ve been really impressed and happy with the content they’ve written for my website. Since then I’ve been happy to stick with them for several content writing projects when I needed them. As a result, I’ve noticed a lot of people finding my website when they search about the pages that Seopia wrote the content for, so I think it’s really working out well for me. They also did some improvement on WordPress web design of my site, since even though WordPress is user-friendly, I couldn’t figure out a few things. Definitely very happy to give Seopia a good review and not only on content writing, but also on WordPress website design help as well! Thank You![/testimonial][/testimonialgroup][/well]