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    Get found. Grow your business. We will help you to succeed online!

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    Our efficient system of building websites allows us to make high-quality websites faster, reducing the cost to you

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    Content Writing is vital for your online success.


Website Design

= Strategy + Plan + Build + Promote

Hello and welcome to Seopia, a website design and marketing firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our team of experts is passionate about building search engine friendly websites and providing web marketing services to small businesses, start ups and people like you. From start to finish, we’re here to help you improve your business, strengthen your online presence and communicate your message. We’re just as excited as you to see your website succeed for your business, which is why we enjoy our work so much!

At Seopia, we truly believe that every project our clients start with us is an investment in their overall business growth strategy, not simply an expense. In order to return the best possible value for your hard-earned money, we’re constantly improving our skills and services to elevate our performance on a regular basis.

– Seopia Team


  • Johanna P.

    Artem is a highly proficient web developer. I needed some help with WordPress PHP + CSS custom programming and he diligently solved my requested needs in very little time. I highly recommend Artem to anyone who wishes to have beautiful and fully functional websites! :-)

    Johanna P. at Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Mikhail T.

    I was referred to this company by a friend, who spoke of them very highly. They have designed my website, and optimized it to be at the top of GOOGLE. Price is very affordable, design is good, service is great. They call me anytime my website is down, even though its being hosted by someone else. Best part my existing customers are exited about the website, and they report reading interesting content. While new customers are being attracted. THANK YOU SEOPIA, KEEP IT UP!!!

    Mikhail T. Owner at Performance Plumbing

Our Specialization: SEO Friendly Responsive Website Design

Web design is the all-important starting point for your website. Many people often forget that the way a website is designed also effects its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value. You might find a visually stellar web designer, but if the designer doesn’t understand SEO, your website will not perform to its maximum potential in search engine results. You can trust that Seopia always designs websites with SEO in mind, because ultimately your website needs to be seen before people can even decide whether it looks good or not. Other benefits to start web design project with us

What is responsive design? Responsive design is a method of website design that allows your website to respond to the device being used to view it, adjusting the size and arrangement of elements on the page to be easier to read and use for the device. Through this technique, the website is optimized based on the user’s current device, whether it’s an iPad, a mobile phone, a laptop or a desktop computer.

Should your website be responsive?

The answer is absolutely yes! Having a single site that can serve all devices might be the most important web design investment you can make in current times as mobile devices and tablet become more and more prominently used.