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Do you want us to improve your website's on-page optimization that affects search engine rankings? - Starts from $495
Do you want us to create additional Landing Pages for your site? - Starts from $199 a page

Why Landing Page Optimization?

First impressions are crucial for a business. When someone visits your website for the first time, they decide within just a few seconds whether or not the site is useful to them.

With content specified to anticipate the visitor's needs, landing page optimization is the only surefire way to guarantee that visitors clearly see and understand that you can meet their needs with your services. As a result, optimized landing pages are one of the most important tools that a website can use to convert simple visitors into valuable business leads and customers.

Because we understand the importance of these carefully planned pages, our landing pages are always optimized to convey key information quickly and effectively, with calls to action and contact information easy for the user to find. At Seopia, you'll always have access to both an experienced SEO strategist and SEO copywriter who will work with you as a team to make sure your landing pages perform the way they need to in order to position your business for success. In addition to improving Google, Bing and Yahoo search results for your business, our optimized landing pages can also form a powerful tandem when paired with a Pay Per Click campaign. For clients who choose us for both landing page optimization and PPC, we make sure your Google AdWords ads are pointed specifically at the most relevant landing page possible, so if a client searching for one of your specific products clicks on your ad, they are taken directly to a page explaining how your services fit that specific need, rather than a general home page or contact form that contains generic information and may make the user quickly navigate away.


Do you want us to blog for you and improve your website's search engine rankings at the same time? - Starts from $250 a month

Why Blog for You?

For our main SEO services, we perform SEO Blogging by creating additional blog posts each month that are focused on new keywords each time. Following this process allows a website to successfully conquer new keyword territory on a regular, consistent basis, expanding both the site's online footprint and increasing traffic share.

Finally, our SEO Blogging strategy yields yet another benefit when combined with a strong PPC campaign. For clients who choose us for PPC, we make sure any relevant PPC ads are pointed at the most relevant possible landing page, improving the quality of the ad for Google and ensuring users see that your business can meet their specific needs.


Do you want us to register online business listings that help local search engines and new customers find your business online? - Starts from $195
Do you want us to run your company's Facebook Marketing?

Do you want us to create and run a Google AdWords PPC campaign?
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